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Chicisimo | Taking the Plunge

What could be simpler than the V-neck? I collected these looks on Chicisimo with a narrow  V forming a deep plunge to mid bustline or lower. The rules were simple: NO see-through panels, NO visible garment beneath, NO neck-wear obscuring the neckline, and NO support technology as in the strapless gown. In other words, the V, the whole V, and nothing but the V.

Everyone knows this is not office wear. And the plunging neckline was no doubt invented with the philosophy “if you have it, flaunt it.” So what I expected to find:

  • Fancy evening gowns and casual beach-wear.
  • Our better endowed sisters and mature women.


Okay, plunging V-necks were never my thing – but the versatility of this style is greater than I thought and it clearly does works well for women with smaller busts.

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Chicisimo | Flirt the Skirt

So many great looks in this Chicisimo Album with the simple loose skirt which ends six or more inches about the knees.

The purpose of this style of skirt is wonderfully simple: to draw the attention to your legs! Anything that distracts from this main purpose is skirting disaster. To work as it should, the skirt has to do NOTHING but stay in the background and let your legs take the spotlight. From this principle flow a few rules to be bent, not broken:

  • The best pattern is plain, without buttons, zippers, beads, or accents.
  • The best cut is simple, without layers, ruffles, pleats, asymmetries, or other razzle-dazzle.
  • Even a quiet color may become too strong if matches other parts of the outfit or accessories.
  • The total amount of skirt material that is showing should not be too large. A high-waisted skirt with a lot of flair presents too much material to the eye.
  • Your shoes are unimportant when showing the whole length of your leg, but heels and platforms can do the same thing as raising the hemline.
  • Don’t match your skirt to your hat or scarf, but matching the color to your footwear is alright.

PROBLEM. My favorite skirt is a lovely bright color that just stands out.

SOLUTION. Try pulling a sweater down over the top half of your skirt. Or, wear a top that competes with the skirt.


  • The height of the waist, the length of the skirt, and especially, the distance of the hem above your knees determine how your figure is interpreted. If your legs are shorter than average, you want a skirt than is shorter than average. If you have longer legs, you can show less of them, in proportion to your height.
  • Short skirts are meant for bare legs, but their is no rule against leggings. Try different combinations to find the right length for your build.

PARTING THOUGHT. If you have found the right skirt length, you should feel very confident. Ditch the matching handbag and any other accessories and show off your legs.

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